Forget “The Date,” Have an Adventure

“Let’s meet for coffee…for drinks…for a bite…for a movie.”

Your ears might have calluses from the myriad of times someone has suggested such activities for a date. Heck, your vocal chords might have calluses for you suggesting them. We tend to pull from the Obvious and Bland shelf when heading out on a date, which could facilitate obvious and bland interaction. Don’t get me wrong, I have always been a fan of the day date for coffee: a simple, affordable and quick way to see if you there is a sense of chemistry. The reality of time, financial, and location constraints can make the coffee-shop, bar, or restaurant an easy choice to meet up with the gent or gal you met in line at the grocery store. However, if you are eager to shake it up, break the norm with your date and see what chemistry unfolds, then the dawn of the adventure date is upon you.

Now, I don’t mean jumping from a plane with the sweetheart you met on J-Date, though, personally, I think that would be the coolest thing in the world. But I do mean really allowing yourself to take a risk, try a brand new activity, and not be afraid to get a little down and dirty.

You could get a sense of someone over a caramel macchiato at the nearby coffee chain, but how about seeing if there is a good give and take and a mutual sense of humor as you both design pottery together at a place like Color Me Mine ($12-$30)? How about sweetening it up as you both learn how to make delicious chocolate fondue dishes at a local cooking class (dabbing chocolate on your partner’s face is a must. $25)? Or, you could really mix it up, throw all caution to the wind, and try one of those salsa classes that happen before a club’s salsa night. If your chemistry is popping a bit, you can stay for the salsa night to try your new moves out. (Fun, Flirty, and a chance to look like a goofball, which is always a good thing. Free to $10/person).

Fellas, trust me, many of these ladies are being asked on the same ole standard dates. Bring a little sense of adventure and you’re already three steps ahead of the other blokes trying to win her attention. Ladies, when he asks what you are into, you can always tell him that you are open to anything but love to try something new and adventurous. Hopefully, he can take the reigns from there. If not, tell him to call me, and I’ll whip him into shape.  :-)

We can keep going with active and adventurous dates, like: sweaty hikes that eclipse into beautiful views(Free), line dancing at local country bars(Free to $40), and feeding monks at Buddhist temples (cost of food), but here is the bottom line: It is never hurts to mix it up and spice it up. It helps both parties drop facades, get out of their heads, let go of nervous energy, and focus on a mutual activity, as opposed to the dreaded unspoken structure of “The Date,” which can become synonymous with “The Interview.” Forget “The Date.” Forget “Dating.” You just go out, have a great time, try something new, and see if the person who comes along is a great co-pilot. If not, well, at least you got out, tried something new, and learned what you do and don’t like in a prospective partner.

Seize the date,

Christian Anderson

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